Site Redevelopment Utilises AccuWeigh’s Axle Check 8000E System

>Site Redevelopment Utilises AccuWeigh’s Axle Check 8000E System

Site Redevelopment Utilises AccuWeigh’s Axle Check 8000E System

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2016-05-27 - BGC - 2

With a major site redevelopment in progress our customer took the opportunity to relocate an older weighbridge to their Hazelmere site to ensure compliance with Chain of Responsibility requirements and to also enable trucks leaving site to do so with higher axle group loads after gaining Accredited Mass Management Scheme (AMMS) permits.

AccuWeigh were contracted to design and supervise the civils construction of a new semi-pit foundation along with the supply of new weighing electronics including our AccuCell digital load cells and an IT8000E Intelligent Weighing Terminal.

2016-05-27 - BGC - 1

Jeremy Hembrough, AccuWeigh’s Regional Sales Manager, said “The AccuWeigh IT8000E running AccuWeigh’s Axle Check software enables axle group weights to be calculated as the vehicle drives on to the weighbridge platform.”

“Negating the need for a complex and costly multi-deck weighbridge, where often the chosen deck configuration does not meet all vehicle types, the Axle Check software delivers axle group load weights on a conventional single deck weighbridge.” said Hembrough.

Our Axle Check 8000E is an innovative product from AccuWeigh that converts and ground-level, full-length weighbridge in to an in-motion axle weigher. Contact your nearest branch to obtain a brochure on this amazing product.