Shipping Container Weigher Used for Exporting Wines

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Shipping Container Weigher Used for Exporting Wines

2019-06-13T16:15:20+10:30 9th October 2014|

AccuWeigh’s South Australian branch recently supplied a shipping container weigher to Kingston Estate Wines, a well-known wine producer in Kingston, South Australia. When the prolific wine maker came to us seeking options to enable them to build their own container weigher, our Port Adelaide branch specified our high quality AccuCell 30 tonne capacity load cells and the Australian made Rinstrum R420-K404 indicator.


This solution was specifically chosen to enable a container to be weighed empty and an identification number be recorded, then the container is removed and taken to the production area where it is loaded to capacity away from the weigher and finally rechecked on the container weigher to ensure the load is within legal limits before being exported to Japan.

Trade verification of the system was also required to ensure weighing for freight purposes in line with Trade Measurement legislation.


Shipping container scales are very useful for ensuring the load within the shipping container is evenly distributed and optimally loaded. AccuWeigh has supplied shipping container weighers to many different customers around Australia, mainly to suit 20 foot long containers. A 40 foot version container weigher is also available.