Service Agreement Visit to Riverina Stockfeeds

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Service Agreement Visit to Riverina Stockfeeds

2019-06-13T16:15:21+10:30 1st October 2014|

AccuWeigh has just returned from a service agreement visit to Riverina Stockfeeds at Oakey, 160km west of Brisbane. Riverina has a number of 30t capacity container weighers and AccuWeigh used its Queensland branch’s weighbridge test rig unit to perform most of the testing.


Scale service agreements are an excellent way for any company to ensure that their weighing equipment continues to function reliably and efficiently. A service agreement is not a contract, where our customers are locked in for any length of time. It is an agreement that can be ended at any time by either party, but does schedule service visits at regular, defined intervals.

Regular servicing is the key to dependable and long-term use of weighing equipment. The majority of weighing equipment owners will tend to only invite a service agent to service their equipment when a breakdown occurs. This means their weighing equipment is left to deteriorate and is generally in a poor condition when a service technician visits, and the breakdown can drastically impact a company’s on site operations until a repair can be effected.


Regular servicing, however, ensures the weighing equipment is kept in a good condition, thus ensuring its longevity and reliability.

While most service companies offer service agreements, it’s important to ensure that you are getting what you pay for. AccuWeigh is a highly reputable company with fully-trained staff and does not take shortcuts with its workmanship. Our service technicians are quite happy for our customers to view our work and work methods while they are on site, to ensure we instil confidence and represent value for money.