Service Agreement Visit to Brisbane Aged Care Facility

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Service Agreement Visit to Brisbane Aged Care Facility

2019-06-13T16:15:13+09:30 16th December 2015|

AccuWeigh’s Queensland branch recently serviced and calibrated a chair scale at an aged care facility in Sandgate, a northern suburb of Brisbane. The calibration included weight testing the chair scale to its full capacity of 150kg.

Chair scales are ideal for monitoring the weight gain or loss of patients at hospitals, medical centres, and aged care facilities. But just like all scales, they should be regularly serviced and weight tested to ensure that weight readings are accurate and reliable.

The service visit to this aged care facility was part of what we call a Service Agreement. A Service Agreement is an informal agreement that AccuWeigh will visit a site on an agreed regularity (three-monthly, six-monthly, yearly or other time-frame) and shall perform basic servicing and weight testing at a reduced cost.

Because AccuWeigh can schedule these Service Agreement visits in with other work in the area, we can reduce the costs to our Service Agreement customers and our customers can enjoy the benefits and peace of mind knowing that their weighing equipment is being regularly serviced.

Regular service generally means less breakdowns and better weighing performance. AccuWeigh already provides Service Agreements to numerous companies around the country, with their equipment ranging from small scales to weighbridges.

Don’t think our Service Agreement rates are competitive? Visit our Service Agreements web page and contact our nearest branch to obtain a no obligation, free quote to regularly service your weighing equipment.