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2019-06-13T16:15:23+10:30 4th August 2014|

AccuWeigh’s Angela Ashcroft has recently won an order with a freight company to supply 24 trade-approved AND FG-60KAM 60kg x 0.02kg platform scales that will be distributed to depots Australia-wide. These scales will be used to weigh customer luggage before they are loaded onto buses to be transported.

A trade approved scale is required in this application because luggage fees are calculated by weight. By law, any fee, tax or toll calculated on weight must use trade approved scales to determine the weight.

A trade-approved scale is one that is of an approved pattern – like the AND FG-60KAM – and which has been calibrated by a verification company that is licensed by the National Measurement Institute of Australia (NMI). AccuWeigh is licensed by the NMI to trade-approve various scales and weighing equipment.

The FG Series Bench and Platform Scales achieve a fast weighing response time and an accurate result to suit any weighing application. The FG-60KAM represents exceptional value for money and can be powered by AC adaptor or alkaline batteries, providing good portability. Optional data and control outputs are available.