SA Quarry’s Weighbridge Converted from Mechanical to Electronic

>SA Quarry’s Weighbridge Converted from Mechanical to Electronic

SA Quarry’s Weighbridge Converted from Mechanical to Electronic

2019-06-13T16:15:14+09:30 3rd December 2015|

AccuWeigh’s Port Adelaide branch recently completed a refit of an older steel deck Hawke mechanical in-ground pit weighbridge for a quarry at Reynella. With the deck needing repairs to remain viable, AccuWeigh were on hand to decommission the weighbridge and support the client during the deck removal. With the deck out of the foundation AccuWeigh removed the mechanical lever system and created plinths in the foundation for supporting new loadcells.


We also used as much of the existing deck as possible, only some of the main support beams were replaced to keep costs down for the client. Once the deck was ready AccuWeigh were then on hand to assist with positioning the deck back in the foundation and then installed and grouted into place our AccuCell loadcells to support the deck.

After calibration and commissioning the weighbridge was re-verified in accordance with NMI requirements. The system now enables the quarry to weigh trucks into and out of the facility accurately and efficiently.

With each passing year, more mechanical lever weighbridges are being converted to fully electronic weighbridges through the use of high precision, highly affordable load cells and digital indicators. Conversion to a fully electronic weighbridge prolongs the use of the existing weighbridge infrastructure such as the pit foundation and the weighbridge deck.

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