Regular Weighbridge Servicing is Essential

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Regular Weighbridge Servicing is Essential

2019-10-18T11:24:20+09:30 1st August 2019|

Weighbridges are heavy industrial weighing devices engineered and designed to accept fully loaded vehicles, sometimes up to 80 tonne in capacity. Their construction of steel and concrete is hard-wearing and strong. However, their robust design doesn’t negate the necessity of regular servicing and calibration.

What can happen to a weighbridge that isn’t serviced regularly was made manifest when Diverseco’s weighbridge service team recently serviced a weighbridge located at a sand and gravel quarry in the Lockyer Valley, west of Brisbane.

The weighbridge hadn’t been serviced in the past two years and, being a quarry, was subject to heavy traffic and use on a daily basis.

As can be seen from the accompanying photo, the load cell contact points and the load cell assembly cups and plates are cracked and severely worn. This often results in unreliable weighing transactions and even weighing errors, which can go undetected by weighbridge operators for months.

As part of Diverseco’s regular weighbridge service agreements, we include inspection of all load cells and load cell assemblies, and re-greasing these parts is a standard action item for our well-trained service personnel. Even though the load cells and assemblies are constructed of hardened steel, lubricating the load cell contact points is essential to allow movement, especially when a 20-tonne load rolls over it.

Why not contact our nearest branch ( to request an obligation-free quotation to service your weighbridge on a regular basis? We offer really competitive pricing to assist you in making the right decision for your weighbridge. Regular servicing also minimises very expensive weighbridge breakdowns, as this sand and gravel quarry discovered.