Regular servicing of robot palletisers ensures minimal downtime

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Regular servicing of robot palletisers ensures minimal downtime

2019-06-13T16:15:15+09:30 24th September 2015|

As part of its ongoing promotional activities, AccuPak is continuing to highlight its full service capabilities of the Fuji-Ace robot palletisers.

AccuPak’s Fuji robot full service offering is geared towards keeping your robot functioning at peak performance at all times. As the Fuji robots work tirelessly (some robots working seven days a week, across two shifts loading 30kg bags at 10 bags per minute), coordinating time to service the robots is not an easy task.

To keep the robot in prime operating condition, we recommend six monthly service intervals which include a full inspection by our factory-trained technicians as part of your on-going preventative maintenance schedule. Both robot and gripper are checked to identify any wearing parts or potential points that need further repair or replacement prior to failure.

Ensuring your production down-time is kept to a minimum, is paramount to our service visits.

Practically, the Fuji-Ace robot preventative maintenance service includes a full clean of the servo drive screws and the machine in general. Once cleaned, full lubrication of the drive screws, linkages, bearings and all moving parts is undertaken with the manufacturers recommended grade of grease. Operating PLC programs and robot functions are thoroughly checked against calibrated co-ordinates.

To conduct a thorough full preventative maintenance service of your Fuji robot, around four to six hours will usually need to be allowed for, dependent on model, access to the robot and parts.

One South East Queensland customer had the following feedback on AccuPak’s robot service: “We see the service as an essential part of our yearly maintenance plan to our equipment.” The robot, according to this customer, had paid for itself in just 18 months.

To enquire about a health check of your robots, please contact our head office.