Recycling Weighbridge Calibrated at Waste Transfer Station

>Recycling Weighbridge Calibrated at Waste Transfer Station

Recycling Weighbridge Calibrated at Waste Transfer Station

2019-06-13T16:15:01+09:30 11th March 2018|

A weighbridge at a Brisbane refuse station used for weighing vehicles with recyclable materials was recently calibrated, adjusted and reverified by AccuWeigh. The weighbridge was calibrated using AccuWeigh’s weighbridge ‘calibration test rig’ unit which is a prime mover with a trailer designed to safely transport mostly 2 tonne test weights and a forklift.

Although Australian legislation does not state an expiry date for weighbridge verification periods, it is best practice for weighbridges, especially those located in urban areas, to be reverified no less frequently than 12 months.

Usually, AccuWeigh also perform preventative maintenance servicing, which includes re-greasing the load cell assemblies etc., to coincide with our calibration visits. These services, of course, minimise breakdowns and weighbridge failures.

Having a weighbridge calibration test rig unit ensures that AccuWeigh minimises operational downtime on the weighbridge, which allows our customers to resume operations sooner.

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