Rayment Excavations Loader Weighing System Tested

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Rayment Excavations Loader Weighing System Tested

2019-06-13T16:15:21+09:30 1st October 2014|


AccuWeigh Queensland recently travelled to Gladstone, Central Queensland, with its weighbridge test rig unit to provide service work for various customers in the Gladstone area. One of these customers was Rayment Excavations, an earthmoving company located in West Gladstone.

Rayment Excavations has a front-end loader fitted with an onboard weighing system ideally suited for end loaders which allows the loader to weigh spoil as it is loaded on to dump trucks. The loader weighing system greatly reduces the chance of the spoil transport vehicle from being overloaded, either on individual axle loads or as an overall gross vehicle weight.

This service visit is also an excellent example of how the weighbridge test rig unit can be used to test various types of weighing systems other than a weighbridge, and how the test rig unit can perform service visits to a number of customers in areas along a weighbridge test run through regional areas.