Poultry Weighing Scales for National Poultry Processor

>Poultry Weighing Scales for National Poultry Processor

Poultry Weighing Scales for National Poultry Processor

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AccuWeigh recently supplied a national poultry processor with a two digital hanging scales specifically designed for weighing poultry. The poultry scales are ideal for weighing new hatchlings to monitor their growth at key points along their timeline, or for weighing fully-grown birds prior to marketing.

Features of the poultry scale include battery operation for use in any location and peak weight hold for live weighing. An audible acknowledgement that the weight has been captured indicates when the operator can weigh the next bird.

Although these poultry scales are used to predominantly weigh chickens, they can just as easily weigh any other type of bird such as turkeys, quails, etc.

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