Australian pharmaceutical manufacturers searching for serialisation solutions to comply with the Therapeutical Goods Administration’s (TGA) order related to the labelling requirements for prescription medicines that take effect on September 1 2020,  would be well-advised to watch the following video that describes the good reasons why Millmount Healthcare, a leading Irish pharmaceutical contract packager, selected WIPOTEC-OCS’ TQS system.

In this video, the company showcases its serialisation solution for prospective new customers at a collaborative ‘serialisation day’ open-house event and also demonstrates key features of this highly sophisticated, stable and user-friendly technology.

As the Australasian Authorised Systems Integrator for WIPOTEC-OCS TQS systems, Diverseco’s team of product inspection experts are exceptionally well-positioned to provide our customers with a broad portfolio of serialisation and aggregation solutions for nearly every application. And despite the changing regulatory environment and different serialisation laws around the globe, TQS solutions are designed to fulfil the requirements of every market.