Perth Pigment Manufacturer Replaces Obsolete Metal Detector

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Perth Pigment Manufacturer Replaces Obsolete Metal Detector

2019-06-13T16:15:08+10:30 12th October 2016|

AccuWeigh’s WA office recently performed temporary repairs to an aging Metal Detector at a pigment manufacturer in Kwinana, WA. Temporary repairs were necessary as replacement parts for the Metal Detector were no longer available rendering the machine obsolete.


The short-term repairs provided AccuWeigh time to then supply and install a modern Fortress Stealth Metal Detector Head to the customer’s existing conveyor as a replacement machine. The Stealth Metal Detector is a high-sensitivity Metal Detector with a raft of modern features and connectivity.

The ability to expand and upgrade the detector as the customer’s requirements change future-proofs the purchase. This was a contributing factor for the selection of the Fortress Stealth. Another factor included the internationally recognised reliability of Fortress equipment and the brand’s reputation manufacturing products with long-term expected life-spans.

While the detection of metal contamination is critical for all food products, this is an example of a critical non-food product requiring these safeguards – due to the fact that white pigments are often used in plastics and coatings that can then be used in food product packaging.

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