Pallet Scales Need Not Be Expensive

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Pallet Scales Need Not Be Expensive

2019-06-13T16:15:18+10:30 30th January 2015|

A painted, mild steel pallet scale was recently purchased by a company wanting to weigh pallets of stock for check-weighing and recording. AccuWeigh’s Victoria branch supplied the model A300 pallet scale due to cost being a major factor for this customer in the purchasing process.


The A300 with Avery E1005 indicator is a lighter version of AccuWeigh’s popular A500 pallet scale, which incorporates a more robust steel sub-structure making it harder-wearing and longer-living than the A300. However, not every customer wants a pallet scale that is going to last a lifetime. Sometimes, a less expensive pallet scale that will do the job is all that is required, especially if it is not used frequently.

This A300 pallet scale was calibrated as 3,000kg by 1kg graduations but the A300 can also be supplied as 1,500kg by 0.5kg graduations depending on the customer’s needs.

Virtually any brand and model of digital weight indicator can be fitted to the A300 scale, but AccuWeigh fitted its regular IT1000 digital indicator because it is an extremely versatile indicator mounted in a robust stainless steel casing. The IT1000 has an internal rechargeable battery but can also be powered by mains power. It also has a good range of functionality and options which allow the indicator to meet the needs of any growing business.


Not all pallet scales are created equal. There are many cheap and imported pallet scales coming on to the Australian market and it is important that potential customers understand what type of pallet scale they are purchasing and that they can trust the company that they are purchasing from. AccuWeigh is a national weighing company with many years of knowledge and experience with pallet scales and a reputation for honesty and integrity.