Pallet Scale Needed for Northern Mining Company

>Pallet Scale Needed for Northern Mining Company

Pallet Scale Needed for Northern Mining Company

2019-06-13T16:15:08+09:30 8th August 2016|

A mineral exploration and mining company based in Cloncurry, Queensland recently purchased an AccuWeigh model A300 pallet scale for general purpose weighing. The 3,000kg capacity scale with 1kg divisions is capable of weighing all types of loads and its price tag is pleasantly small compared to other pallet scales on the market.

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The A300 pallet scale was purchased with an Excell digital weight display which has large-sized LCD digits, making reading the weight easier from a greater distance.

The Excell indicator is not a typical indicator that AccuWeigh would supply with its weighing equipment. However, this is an excellent example of how AccuWeigh can provide components specifically requested by the customer, if required. We can be flexible that way in order to have happy customers.

AccuWeigh’s A300 pallet scale can be paired with virtually any type digital weight indicator which has the features and functionality that our customers specifically want. But if our customers don’t know exactly what they want, that’s where our experienced sales staff can suggest versatile components that can allow expansion and growth as the customer grows.

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