Pallet Jack Scale Aids Resource Recovery

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Pallet Jack Scale Aids Resource Recovery

2019-06-13T16:15:08+09:30 22nd August 2016|

AccuWeigh recently supplied a pallet jack scale to a resources recovery facility in Queensland. The Kelba model KLF-R-2000 is a battery-operated, non-trade, two tonne capacity scale with 0.5kg divisions.

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If you need to move pallets on your site using a hydraulic pallet jack, why not use a hydraulic pallet jack with a built-in weighing system to weigh the load as you move it? The pallet jack scale eliminates time that would otherwise be spent moving the load to a platform scale for weighing, simply by incorporating two types of equipment in one.

The KFL-R-2000 has four stainless steel load cells built into the Tyne system to ensure accurate weighing. The large LCD backlight display is easy to read both in outdoor and indoor conditions. The backlight function also makes this suitable for indoor weighing applications with poor natural lighting.

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