World Premier! CubiScan 1200 AKL-XH: Extra Height Clearance  

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World Premier! CubiScan 1200 AKL-XH: Extra Height Clearance  

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The CubiScan 1200 AKL is Australia’s best-selling, legal-for-trade, automated solution for dimensioning and weighing palletised freight and larger “ugly” freight items. The Pallet Dimensioning System is used by express freight and logistics businesses to accurately measure the cubic dimensions of all types of freight items in order to determine, in a legal-for-trade manner, the correct charges to apply for the freight movement. The unit takes a digital photo for verification and helps improve overall customer service.

Combined with a legal-for-trade weighing solution like the 3T 1.5m platform scale in these images, freight companies can accurately determine whether to charge according to the greater of the weight or cube according to their particular dim-weight formulas in use.

Below are a series of photographs of the new CubiScan 1200 AKL-XH. This optional version of the CubiScan allows for an extra 500mm of height clearance taking the total height clearance from the floor to the lowest section of the protective overhead frame to 3.5 meters.

If you are an LCL or LTL freight carrier please contact us today to learn more about the customer service benefits of the CubiScan 1200 AKL!



Above: The CubiScan 1200 AKL- XH now providing 3.5 m in floor height clearance due to the additional 500 mm length in the retractable lower leg sections. Notice also the clear and easy dual-sided forklift access in this image. This enables freight to be brought in from one side and removed by a different from the other side. Throughput of up to 140 items per hour is not uncommon.


CubiScan 1200 AKL Pallet Cubing System

In the photo above SCACO have also lengthened the neck that joins the control cabinet to the display touch screen ensuring the screen remains at an ergonomically correct eye level for the operator. The integrated cordless long-range barcode scanner and charger base is also centrally fixed. The CubiScan Pallet Dimensioning System has been designed to contain all of the operator control in one central access and easy viewing position.


Above: Scanning the barcode on the freight connote. This captures the unique identification of the the freight item and also the successful barcode scan triggers the measurement sequence.

CubiScan 1200 AKL Pallet Dimensioning System Height Clearance

Above: Tall mast and short tynes is no problem. This is quite a large freight item, 2.96 metres in length but the CubiScan Pallet Dimensioning System handles it easily.




Above: The CubiScan Pallet Dimensioning System operator control touch screen. Here you can easily see the measurement results of the item in the most recent scan. You can also see the digital image that has been captured by the overhead IP camera. An image of each item is taken by the system and made available for export with the item scan file.

Export files can be created in a variety of formats, including csv or other delimiter types, ASCII, text based and so on depending on what your particular requirements may be.

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Rhett Talley, Marketing & Business Development Manager