New In-ground Weighbridge for Roma Transport Facili

>New In-ground Weighbridge for Roma Transport Facili

New In-ground Weighbridge for Roma Transport Facili

2019-06-13T16:15:19+09:30 24th November 2014|

AccuWeigh has recently completed the commissioning of a fully in-ground weighbridge at Roma, Southern Queensland for a transport facility. Being fully in-ground, these pit weighbridges only use the area of the weighing platform to weigh vehicles. Ramps and side access are not required but, of course, a confined space is created beneath the weighbridge deck, which is the trade-off of a fully in-ground weighbridge. This confined space provides no danger during normal operations of the weighbridge but does require specially trained personnel and safety equipment whenever servicing below the weighbridge is required.


This transport facility only transfers product from this site to other sites around Queensland and does not trade directly with customers. As a result, the weighbridge is one of a few in Queensland that is not required to be trade-approved, which is a legal requirement for weighing systems that are used to charge based on weight.

This weighbridge is essentially used to check that vehicle loads are optimal and safe. It still, however, uses the same equipment (digital indicator and load cells) as trade-approved scales and therefore has no less accuracy and reliability than a trade-approved weighbridge.


Indeed, this weighbridge uses AccuWeigh’s IT8000E weighing terminal which is an intelligent and highly-programmable digital weight controller that has excellent connectivity to other devices. A remote display and traffic control light were also supplied for the courtesy and convenience of drivers.