New 20m Semi-Pit Weighbridge for Chinchilla Transfer Station

>New 20m Semi-Pit Weighbridge for Chinchilla Transfer Station

New 20m Semi-Pit Weighbridge for Chinchilla Transfer Station

2019-06-13T16:15:22+09:30 23rd September 2014|

AccuWeigh Queensland recently completed the construction, installation and commissioning of a 20m long by 3.5m wide semi-pit weighbridge on behalf of Carmichael Builders as part of the upgrade works to the Chinchilla Transfer Station.


The weighbridge utilises six by 30t capacity, stainless steel load cells, enabling an overall weighbridge capacity of 60t by 20kg divisions. Being a semi-pit weighbridge, the weighbridge deck’s weighing surface is positioned at typical ground level, eliminating the need for ramps at either end to access the deck.

Semi-pit weighbridges and in-ground type weighbridges also allow for the potential to determine axle loads using optional weighbridge software, since the vehicle is generally in the same plane as the deck’s weighing surface. This is an option not available with above-ground weighbridges that require inclining ramps at each end.


The weighbridge was supplied with a 120mm high digit, LED remote display to repeat the vehicle weight, as a courtesy for drivers, and a two-aspect (green and red) traffic control light at both ends of the weighbridge to allow for bi-directional travel across the weighbridge.

AccuWeigh is a major weighbridge supplier throughout all Australian states with well over 1,000 installations already completed.