National Bakery Replaces Aging Metal Detectors

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National Bakery Replaces Aging Metal Detectors

2019-06-13T16:15:06+09:30 25th March 2017|


AccuWeigh recently replaced two aging metal detectors with two OCS model HC-M combination metal detector/check weighers at a national bakery’s Brisbane factory. These devices have greater sensitivity than the previous models and also provided the company check-weighing capabilities, essential for all food suppliers.

One machine was installed on the pikelet line and the other on the muffin line.

OCS is a world-recognised, high-quality manufacturer of food inspection equipment and AccuWeigh is the authorised distributor of OCS equipment in Australia. The HC-M model utilised in this project provides outstanding precision at typical speeds and offers exceptional expansion capabilities as the production grows.

The installation of these machines was performed after-hours to provide little to no impact to the bakery’s day-time production. Staff training was also performed by AccuWeigh’s factory trained service technicians to ensure operators could “hit the ground running”. These are just some of the many ways AccuWeigh provides after-sales customer care.

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