Mushroom Supplier Protects Product Integrity with Metal Detector

>Mushroom Supplier Protects Product Integrity with Metal Detector

Mushroom Supplier Protects Product Integrity with Metal Detector

2019-06-13T16:15:08+09:30 12th October 2016|

Australia’s largest mushroom grower, pre-packer and marketer recently purchased a Fortress Phantom Metal Detector and Vector Conveyor from AccuWeigh’s WA office. Metal Detectors are ideal for detecting metal filing contamination in pre-packaged food prior to shipping and transport to market.

Metal filing contamination of food products, which occurs due to number of packaging machines and operators involved during the packaging process, if undetected could result in very costly product recalls and a damaged brand integrity, both of which have great potential to cripple a company financially.

The investment involved in purchasing a metal detector, such as the Fortress Phantom, proves to be a small price to pay to protect and safeguard your brand’s integrity.

The Phantom represents the best sensitivity detection in its class and is designed with future augmentation in mind which is why Fortress, the manufacturer of the Phantom Metal Detector, describes the Phantom as ‘never obsolete.’

This customer also found AccuWeigh’s ability to provide local support for the Phantom Metal Detector – which included training during installation, future preventative maintenance services and availability of rapid response breakdown service – very appealing. Additionally, the Phantom Metal Detector helped this customer to meet the compliance requirements demanded by some of their larger distributors, such as Woolworths and Coles.


AccuWeigh has provided many national and multi-national food suppliers with various types of food inspection equipment to safe-guard their operations and brand integrity. Contact us to discover how we can we help you?

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