Monitoring Beer Important for Gold Coast Pub

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Monitoring Beer Important for Gold Coast Pub

2019-06-13T16:15:16+10:30 4th May 2015|

AccuWeigh’s Queensland branch recently manufactured and supplied a Keg Weigher to a Surface Paradise club on the Gold Coast. The Keg Weigher is used by the premises to monitor keg stock levels to ensure the bar can properly cater for its patrons.


Keg Weighers and Barrel Weighers are extremely useful for pubs and clubs to determine how full or empty their kegs or barrels are and to manage their stock levels.

AccuWeigh’s Keg Weigher is especially designed to weigh kegs and requires minimal effort for the operator to manoeuvre a keg on to the weighing seat of the scale, which is an important consideration for pub and club operators when trying to meet their health and safety obligations to their workers.

A basic weight display provides a clear reading of the weight of the keg and the Keg Weigher is easily relocated from one location to another using its handle and wheels.

AccuWeigh can manufacture and supply a wide range of weighing scales to meet any unusual weighing requirements. It is a distinct advantage that we have over our competitors in that we have our own, in-house fabrication workshops and a long history in making custom weighing applications.