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Loader Scale Calibration

2019-10-18T10:40:38+09:30 28th June 2018|

AccuWeigh recently calibrated a loader scale on a front-end loader. The loader and weighing system will be used at a demolition site to weigh rubble and to load dump trucks with optimal loads in preparation for transportation to the materials recycling centre.

AccuWeigh is able to perform loader scale calibrations in situ, and in this instance we calibrated the loader scales inside the building being demolished. We use test weights traceable to national mass reference standards to ensure accurate calibration.

AccuWeigh is also able to calibrate many other types of onboard weighing systems, such as forklift scales, mobile bin weighers and quarry loader scales and we can work closely with our sister company, AccuOnboard, to provide onboard weighing systems ideal for your application or vehicles.

Looking for smart ways to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and safety of your operations, using onboard weighing systems? Contact the weighing systems experts at AccuWeigh to discuss your requirements.