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Laundry Batches Determined by Weighing

2019-06-13T16:15:23+10:30 25th August 2014|

Eight A&D Weighing model EM-60KAL platform scales were sold by Lisa DeAngelis in our Victorian Branch to a laundering company in Abbotsford, central Melbourne. The company uses this scale to weigh laundry to achieve optimal batch sizes for their machines.


Achieving optimal batch sizes not only improves the life span of washing machines but also helps this company meet its work Health and Safety responsibilities by determining handling loads for employees.

The EM-60KAL is a 60kg capacity floor scale and measures in increments of 0.01kg. The scale is battery powered and is supplied with an AC adaptor as standard. The features include:

  • Clearly visible display with white backlight
  • Portable lightweight body
  • Auto power off
  • Rotating indicator
  • Counting function
  • Capacities: 30kg, 60kg, 150kg and 300kg

The EM-KAL is a very popular A&D product due to its very competitive pricing and ease of use. The A&D Weighing brand itself is a highly trusted and respected brand in Australia. The EM-KAL models can be purchased from any AccuWeigh branch in Australia, contact us today.