IP-67 Check-Weighing Scale for Melbourne Food Packaging Company

>IP-67 Check-Weighing Scale for Melbourne Food Packaging Company

IP-67 Check-Weighing Scale for Melbourne Food Packaging Company

2019-06-13T16:15:18+09:30 3rd March 2015|

A 6kg capacity waterproof bench scale has been purchased by a Melbourne food packaging company to check-weigh their products. The scale, an A&D model SJ-WP, was chosen for its IP-67 water proofing, making it ideal for use in wet areas and for weighing food products. The scale was also chosen for check-weighing due to its easily visible, multi-coloured LED comparator bar which shows exactly where the weight on the scale sits with respect to acceptable, preset weight targets.


These waterproof scales are dual range, meaning that within the 6kg maximum capacity by 2g divisions lies a lower weighing range of 3kg maximum capacity by 1g divisions. It’s like having two scales, a 6kg and a 3kg scale, but in the same unit. The more accurate lower range ensures that light products are still weighed with accuracy.

The SJ-WP is powered by six D-sized batteries allowing for 5,000 hours of continuous use (with backlighting and the comparator disabled) and makes this scale truly relocatable and take-anywhere – a feature that would make it useful for rural and remote use as well.

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