How X-Ray inspection systems can save your business time and money

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How X-Ray inspection systems can save your business time and money

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For companies in the food industry, the consequences of product contamination are potentially devastating.

There are many examples where one mishap with contamination or a foreign body in a product has dramatically affected a food producer’s business – and the costs of the fallout can be crippling.  From product recalls, line stoppages, batch recalls, fines and legal costs to lost customer confidence, erosion of brand equity and reputational damage, the knock-on effects and associated costs can be significant and many companies don’t budget for this potentially catastrophic outcome.

However, there are effective ways of minimising the risk of product contamination in food processing and packaging lines – one of which is to invest in metal detection or X-ray product inspection equipment which can ensure foods are free of organic, metallic or other contaminants.

However, X-ray inspection equipment isn’t only about mitigating risk, there are many upsides as well.  For example, it can speed up the food processing line and improve operating efficiencies, all of which translate into bottom-line savings.

If you’re interested in learning more about how X-ray inspection equipment can save a business both time and money, then the following points should interest you.

First of all, let’s look at what X-ray inspection equipment can do.  It can:

  • Detect most contaminants or foreign bodies in a range of sizes and shapes
  • Identify missing components
  • Check product weights
  • Check for irregularities in packaging such as imperfect seals or broken caps
  • Monitor products for inconsistencies

X-ray systems can also be seamlessly integrated anywhere along the production line which means that if an irregularity is detected, only the faulty product will need to be rejected – and not the entire batch.  This enables optimum efficiencies and can result in huge cost savings down the line.

Automated X-ray technology will result in even greater savings as it doesn’t require manpower for hands-on operation or supervision – thereby saving labour costs and freeing up personnel to be deployed elsewhere.  This can also boost workplace morale and productivity and morale – which can also translate into cost savings.

X-ray inspection equipment also enables greater compliance with stringent product quality standards – which is an important criterion in today’s competitive and highly regulated food and pharmaceutical industries.

In a nutshell, these are just some of the areas how X-ray inspection systems can save your business time and money:

  • Ensures product quality
  • Minimises risk of contamination and costly product recalls
  • Minimises risk of reputation being tarnished and associated costs of rebuilding brand
  • Minimises risk of customers being lost
  • Improves product safety and quality control
  • Improves operating efficiencies
  • Reduces manpower costs
  • Saves time by speeding up the food processing line

If you’d like to learn more about how the latest available X-ray technology can benefit your business, talk with an expert at AccuPak. We a wide range of non-destructive quality control solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industries including X-ray product inspection systems, check weighers and metal detection machines and with eight branches across Australia, we are well-placed to help your business to ensure optimum product quality and product safety.