Packaging is a growing industry with a recent report from Smithers Pira, a worldwide authority on the packaging, paper and print industry supply chains, predicting that the global packaging market will reach US$975 billion by 2018.

However, there are a myriad factors influencing this market and if organisations in the retail industry want to remain competitive, they’ll need to be flexible and responsive to changing market demands when it comes to their choices of retail packaging.

Product preservation and security are still the most important considerations but other factors such as the growing focus on sustainability and the need to reduce waste, heightened consumer demand for more convenient and easy-to-use packaging options and the relentless pursuit of lower costs are among the many other issues that come into play when organisations choose a retail packaging system.

Equipment suppliers have responded to the changes in the packaging market by continually updating their machinery and introducing technological innovations which streamline the supply chain.  These days, precise and reliable multi‐function systems are available which rationalise packaging operations, reduce labour costs, improve throughput rates, improve product traceability, improve workplace safety, reduce the space required for packing lines as well as decrease the number of steps required in the packaging process.

Let’s take an example of an organisation which produces slabs of chocolate.  One of the best ways that they can future-proof their business is to use an innovative retail ready packaging (RRP) solution which is designed specifically for quick and efficient stock replenishment on retailers’ shelves.  RRP was developed primarily for consumer products such as food and beverages in a bid to streamline the supply chain process and get products from the packaging case onto the shelf in one smooth movement.   An RRP system would provide the chocolate manufacturer with opportunities to enhance their brand awareness and improve their product visibility – all of which can translate into a powerful competitive advantage.

Whether you’re in the business of cosmetics, electronics, household goods, hardware, apparel, food and beverages or in any other retail sector, you will find that your choice of retail packaging system has a material influence on your operating efficiencies, your financial performance and your future.

A recommendation would be to engage with a reputable equipment supplier who will work closely with you to understand your key issues and requirements.  They may recommend an off-the-shelf retail packaging solution or they may suggest a complete turnkey solution which will enable you to achieve your productivity goals.

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