How Onboard Weighing Systems Can Save Both Time and Money

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How Onboard Weighing Systems Can Save Both Time and Money

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Weighing loaded vehicles is essential for any business in the transportation industry. However, using a weighbridge to weigh heavy vehicles can be time-consuming and inaccurate. An onboard weighing system accurately measures the weight of a load either in the front end of a loader or an excavator bucket, saving you time and money.

Weigh in real time

Weighing loads in real time means your vehicles can spend less time on site. Rather than loading a vehicle and using a weighbridge to measure the load, you can simply weigh materials as they are loaded. Less time weighing means more time working, so your business will become more productive and efficient by switching to an onboard weighing system. Another advantage of on onboard system is that your vehicles will be correctly loaded the first time. When a weighbridge is used, any overloaded vehicles will have to be returned to the site to remove some of their load, and then driven back to the weighbridge to be checked again before they can be dispatched. Using an onboard weighing system instead of a weighbridge lets you instantly weigh the material as it’s loaded onto a truck, which means you won’t need to adjust the truck’s load after it gets to a weighbridge. The result? You’ll save time spent driving to and from weighbridges, and you’ll eliminate the time-consuming process of reloading overweight vehicles.

More accurate weight measurements

Using an onboard weighing system removes the guesswork when you load your vehicles. You can make sure your trucks don’t go out under-loaded, but you can also optimise efficiency by transporting as much as possible. An onboard weighing system will give you an accurate weight reading the first time every time, so you can load the maximum amount possible to increase your productivity and maximise your payload capacity.

Avoid overweight fines

The Chain of Responsibility laws in Australia mean it’s crucial for companies to load their vehicles safely within legal limits, so it’s important to have accurate weight readings of a truck’s load. If your vehicle is overloaded, you may have to pay an expensive fine. Using an onboard weighing system gives you more accurate weight readings, so there’s less risk of vehicles being overloaded compared to using a weighbridge.

Record and save your data

Onboard weighing systems can often be integrated with computer software for easy management of your payloads and production. You can download the data from the weighing system to easily track load weights historically and analyse your data to enhance operations, maximising your productivity and, in turn, your bottom line.

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