How Onboard Truck Scales Can Help You At Harvest Time

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How Onboard Truck Scales Can Help You At Harvest Time

2019-06-13T16:15:03+10:30 7th August 2017|

Harvest season is a busy and important time on the agricultural calendar and farmers are increasingly turning to technology to help them run their operations more efficiently and more profitably.

Speed, accuracy and efficiency are all crucial during harvest – and onboard agscales and weighing systems on the harvesting equipment allows real time yield measurement and optimum vehicle loading. The equipment enables farmers to streamline their crop management processes and optimise their vehicle loading – which in turn can boost productivity and outputs with ultimate benefits to their bottom-line.

Onboard truck scales aren’t new – they’ve been a standard feature in many industries such as mining, construction, transport and logistics for a long time, but in recent years, the agricultural industry has increasingly been recognising the value and benefits that this technology offers.

Without on-board scales, weighing of harvest loads requires considerable time and effort. Very often, the process involves multiple steps, requiring an initial trip to a fixed weighing station site and then a second weigh-in at the storage or collection point – all of which can be inconvenient, time-consuming and unproductive. The solution is a simple one.

Onboard truck scales fitted to a wide variety of agricultural equipment and vehicles including grain carts, forklifts, haul trucks, conveyor belts and chaser bins can take the time, guesswork and effort out of the harvest weighing process.

Essentially, the equipment minimises the chance for human error and provides agricultural producers with more accurate harvest data. The scales accurately measure the weight of the crop or produce in real time as the truck is being loaded and when integrated with intelligent software, the information can be stored and later analysed and used by the farmer to identify problems and opportunities, calculate yields per acre, record production history etc.

These truck scales are designed to withstand the rugged and harsh outdoor farming environments and will produce highly accurate and precise measurements, quickly and easily.

But the equipment doesn’t sit idle once harvest season is over. It can provide farmers with ongoing ‘intelligence’ about their operations, such as monitoring yield data and hybrid performance, providing proof of yields for crop insurance, verifying the yield of the header and so on. Importantly, onboard truck scales prevent under loading and over loading of trucks, thereby avoiding penalties and optimising the farmer’s transport costs.

Should you wish to learn more about how onboard agscales can benefit your farming operation, slash productivity losses and streamline your harvest season, talk with an expert from AccuOnboard.