How Onboard Crane Scales Are A Revolution In Dynamic Weighing

>How Onboard Crane Scales Are A Revolution In Dynamic Weighing

How Onboard Crane Scales Are A Revolution In Dynamic Weighing

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Advancements in crane weighing systems have amounted to a virtual revolution when it comes to dynamic weighing applications across a variety of industries.

Much like all other pieces of weighing equipment, crane scales have evolved rapidly in recent times into highly sophisticated, user-friendly instruments with greatly enhanced functionality, safety, accuracy and capacity. The digital era has enabled wireless communication and seamless integration with other software systems, as well as enhancing workplace safety by allowing operators to see the weight indicator without needing to be in potentially dangerous positions under heavy suspended loads that are moving around above their heads.

Dynamic weighing covers a wide range of applications where the product, goods or vehicle are weighed while moving, or where the scale itself is moving. Another descriptive term for dynamic weighing is ‘in-motion’ weighing.

Their evolution into high-tech, highly sensitive yet robust weighing instruments has followed the same path as other types of scales where traditional dial indicators and manual operation have been superseded by wireless communications and large digital displays making them much easier to use. Brighter lights and bigger, clearer displays make the readings much easier to see – especially when the crane scale is high off the ground or when the load is moving.

Integrated motion controllers, built-in accelerometer capabilities (where weighing is performed during the actual lift operation) and specially-designed high-resolution load cells are other new features of these next generation crane scales for dynamic weighing, all of which reflect just how far they have evolved. What’s more, modern crane scales are far safer, more accurate and have improved functionality and capabilities – and combine extremely low power consumption with excellent radio range.

Many are also certified legal-for-trade for use in commercial applications.

Huge advances in digital communications, software and monitoring equipment have vastly increased the functionality of crane scales for dynamic weighing. Operators can manage their weighing operations far more efficiently and with greater levels of connectivity, flexibility and customisation. For example, they can record data, track information, monitor loads remotely and analyse information to improve their operations and boost their bottom-line.

The XW wireless crane scales are an excellent example of just how far these instruments have come in terms of dynamic weighing capabilities. Typical applications for these crane scales include recycling of household and industrial waste, timber transport and forwarding, scrap handling and port cargo weighing and their key features include wireless connectivity and operation, overload and torque protection, temperature compensated load cells and an integrated motion controller.

This range of high quality crane scales is available from Diverseco, Australia’s most experienced weighing company which is represented throughout the country by a network of regional branches, staffed by teams of industry experts. If you’re interested in finding out more about crane scales for dynamic weighing, feel free to contact us directly to speak with one of our many weighing specialists.