Forklift Weighing System for a Telescoping Forklift

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Forklift Weighing System for a Telescoping Forklift

2019-06-13T16:15:22+09:30 22nd September 2014|

AccuWeigh Queensland recently installed a Rinstrum Forklift Weighing System to a telescoping forklift at East Coast Engineering in Rocklea, Brisbane. A Rinstrum digital weight indicator was mounted in the forklift’s cab and fitted with user-friendly weighbridge software that is ideal for forklifts.

The system weighs a load with a single lift to a determined height being marked as reference point #1 and then the pressure is released and the load lowered to the second point marked as reference point #2. It is at this stage that the weight of the load is read off the display.


A pressure transducer is inserted in the hydraulic line on the pressure side of the lift ram. The pressure transducer converts the pressure of the hydraulic fluid to a digital signal which is then converted to a digital weight display.

East Coats Engineering is utilising the weighing system to load containers on to transport vehicles and to ensure that the transport vehicles are not being overloaded prior to leaving site.

Although used on a telescoping forklift, this same weighing system can also be installed and used on typical forklift trucks as the principle of operation is the same. Weighing as you load is a fast and efficient way to minimise vehicle overloading and to optimise vehicle loads for transport.