Forklift Weighing System for Foundry in Wundowie, WA

>Forklift Weighing System for Foundry in Wundowie, WA

Forklift Weighing System for Foundry in Wundowie, WA

2019-06-13T16:15:19+09:30 8th December 2014|

AccuWeigh have recently supplied and installed two Avery forklift weighing systems to two Linde forklifts at a foundry in WA. The foundry operators required a highly accurate weighing system to work with their current forklifts to enable operators to see how much product had been poured into each mould.


The Avery forklift system works in conjunction with the special rotating carriage fitted to the forklift and displays the weight to the forklift operator. The system is also fitted with an external weight display so other relevant foundry personnel are also informed of the weight being transferred.

The carriage based weighing system has also been fitted with additional plugs to enable the rotating attachment to be removed without the need to disconnect the standard wiring, just unplug and play!

The end user had tried many other weighing system options, none of which have been able to deliver the accuracy, repeatability or reliability of the Avery system.

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