Five Things to ‘Weigh-up’ Before Buying Scales Online

>Five Things to ‘Weigh-up’ Before Buying Scales Online

Five Things to ‘Weigh-up’ Before Buying Scales Online

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If you are shopping online for a scale with price as your most important variable, we think it’s important that we alert you to the issues this can cause. After fielding calls from hundreds of people seeking a resolution to the issues they have encountered after buying a scale online, we’ve created the following list of things that you should consider before you buy your scales online.

Beware of buying on price alone. Things you should consider to arrive at a well-informed decision, include:

  • Access to service and support. Ask yourself, ‘what happens if the scale malfunctions? Can you troubleshoot issues with a local service agent? Where will it be repaired?’If you buy a scale/balance online from a company without an Australian service and support network, you run the risk of being unable to repair the scale in a timely fashion, if at all.

    Diverseco has unrivalled capacity to rapidly respond to your needs, because our service centres in every mainland state are staffed by large teams of qualified technicians who can rapidly respond to your service needs.


  • Access to spare parts. Ask yourself, ‘what happens if a part needs replacing or something is damaged? Does the seller stock spare parts and how long does it take for them to supply it? Who will install it?’

    With Diverseco, you can access our large inventory of spare parts for the products we sell. What we don’t stock, we can quickly source through our supply network. 


  • Preventative Maintenance. Ask yourself, ‘Who will calibrate the device to ensure it’s still measuring accurately?’Scales are useless without calibration. Sooner or later the accuracy of your scales will change over time, due to factors that include: general ‘wear and tear,’ being overloaded and mishandled. Incorrect measurements lead to issues such as overcharging, undercharging and breaking compliance requirements.

    Diverseco’s NMI Accredited Technicians service, test, calibrate and certify scales of all types and capacities, including NMI Legal for Trade scales.


  • The validity of your warranty. Ask yourself, ‘Will the warranty cover this? If so, will you need to courier the scale (at your cost) back to the country you purchased it from?’

    All the products that Diverseco sells are backed by industry leading warranties that can be redeemed in Australia.


  • Product Quality. Assess other criteria rather than product price alone. Ask yourself, ‘Is this scale suitable for the application? Is it a robust design? Has been manufactured to any standards? Can it be connected to other computer systems and devices to enhance quality control, inventory, and process tracking and documentation?’

    As agents for a number of the world’s leading scale manufacturers, you can rely on the weighing experts at Diverseco to provide you the right advice.