Five real reasons why your business needs a weighbridge

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Five real reasons why your business needs a weighbridge

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A weighbridge is much more than a device that measures how heavy a truck’s load is.  Modern weighbridges are critical control points on any site and provide a multitude of benefits including improved traffic flow, reduced bottlenecks, enhanced site security, cost savings and improved workplace safety.

Let’s look at five of the most important reasons why businesses need a weighbridge.

  1. Compliance

Fines and penalties for incorrectly loaded vehicles are an unnecessary waste of money.  A weighbridge, whether as a permanent in-ground structure or as a portable set of weighing scales or anything in between, ensures that all transport vehicles are legally compliant in terms of their payloads.

  1. Cost savings

If a vehicle is under-loaded, it could cost the company money in lost revenue, whereas when a weighbridge is used, all space is used optimally.  Companies can also save money by avoiding huge fuel and maintenance bills for overloaded trucks and trailers.   Overloading shortens the life of a vehicle and accelerates wear and tear on parts and tyres – all of which add up to an extra (and unnecessary) financial burden on the company.

  1. Safety first

No-one wants to feel unsafe in the workplace. A weighbridge provides assurance to drivers that the vehicles that they are handling are compliant and fit-for-purpose.  Overloaded vehicles also pose significant risks to other road users (as well as doing damage to road surfaces, bridges and overpasses). So, from a road safety perspective it is critical to ensure that they are correctly loaded.

  1. Increased productivity

Installing a weighbridge can lead to productivity and efficiency mprovements because vehicles will be loaded properly the first time.  In other words, time and effort won’t be wasted reloading a truck’s freight.

  1. Enhanced vehicle management

Weighbridge software is capable of so much more than merely managing weighbridge operations and collecting data.  It can be used as a comprehensive vehicle management system, interfacing with other company software to produce detailed reports and analysis to optimise the company’s fleet management operations.  The software can also play an important role in enhancing site security through the automatic recording of number plates, the control of security cameras, the control of access barriers and the provision of digital records of all vehicles entering or exiting the site.

If any of these reasons sound like a good idea to you, talk with Australia’s largest supplier of weighing and product inspection equipment, AccuWeigh.  We have a portfolio of over a thousand weighbridge installations throughout Australasia and have the experience and expertise to identify your weighbridge needs and provide you with the best weighbridge solution.  Contact your nearest state branch today.


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