Existing Blending Tank Converted to a Batching System

>Existing Blending Tank Converted to a Batching System

Existing Blending Tank Converted to a Batching System

2019-06-13T16:15:20+09:30 9th October 2014|

AccuWeigh’s West Australian branch recently supplied a batching controller to an expanding WA based fertiliser manufacturer. The system is comprised of Thames-Side Sensors MasterMount load cells mounted under the blending tank and an AccuWeigh IT8000E intelligent weighing terminal.


The system was specified to be able to control the feed of specific chemical products into the blending tank to specific weights based on product specific gravity and controlling the blending process while ensuring the accuracy of the blend to meet strict QA requirements demanded by the purchasers.

AccuWeigh’s IT8000E intelligent weighing terminals can control up to eight separate weighing systems for most types of blending and mixing operations. Access to the intelligent weighing terminal by PC enables the site laboratory to remotely adjust the blend recipe for each batch or change in product specific gravity without needing to interface the system from the factory floor.