Equipment Upgrade for Brisbane West Quarry

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Equipment Upgrade for Brisbane West Quarry

2019-06-13T16:15:00+10:30 21st June 2018|

A twin-deck weighbridge, located at a quarry in Brisbane’s west, recently had equipment upgraded to more modern and efficient models. Namely, a single AccuWeigh IT8000E indicator was supplied with multi-deck software to replace two older A&D AD4323 indicators, which were each only able to display the weight of a single deck. The IT8000E, which has the ability to display the weight from multiple decks and also display the total weighbridge weight, also replaced a summing unit which summed the two AD4323 indicators to display a total weight.

The older indicators are no longer manufactured and parts and repairs are becoming more and more expensive. Modernising to a readily available digital indicator makes sense, especially since modern indicators have features that far exceed older models.

The external remote displays, used for the convenience of the drivers, were also replaced with modern remote displays. While the previous liquid crystal remote displays served their purpose for a time, they are not easily read in low light conditions. The new high-intensity LED displays can be read during all times of the day or night and are comparable in power consumption to the LCD displays.

AccuWeigh regularly performs upgrades to weighing systems to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our customers operations. In many cases, modern weighing systems prove to be  very economical when compared with the systems from a decade ago.

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