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Emergency Weighbridge Repairs Effected by AccuWeigh

2019-06-13T16:15:08+10:30 4th August 2016|

A quarry near Beaudesert in Queensland recently asked AccuWeigh to make minor repairs to its weighbridge equipment during a routine visit. While on site, AccuWeigh’s service technician noticed severe damage to the weighbridge’s concrete foundation, which showed signs of significant cracking and some movement. This foundation movement had resulted in the weighbridge’s load cells precariously leaning on an angle.

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AccuWeigh were asked to make urgent repairs to the weighbridge to provide a medium-term solution until the weighbridge could be relocated to a more stable location on site. AccuWeigh promptly refitted the weighbridge with modern and lower-profile AccuCell weighbridge load cells which are less prone to movement and rocking motions during use of the weighbridge.

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AccuCell weighbridge load cells are available in analogue or digital versions and include the latest in weighbridge load cell technology, including surge protection. AccuWeigh has refitted numerous weighbridges around Australia with the AccuCell load cell due to many aging and failing weighbridge load cells.

AccuWeigh’s fully-staffed service departments are both skilled and efficient at refitting weighbridge load cells and effecting important and major weighbridge repairs. This is why we are the preferred service provider for many weighbridge owners and operators around the country.