Electronic Weighing Equipment Updated for a Brisbane Waste Transfer Station

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Electronic Weighing Equipment Updated for a Brisbane Waste Transfer Station

2019-10-28T08:52:18+10:30 29th April 2015|

AccuWeigh Queensland has just recently completed the updating of a digital weighbridge to a Brisbane waste transfer station in Willawong, a southern suburb of Brisbane. The weighbridges located at all Brisbane City Council waste transfer stations were first installed by AccuWeigh Queensland (then called Queensland Weighing Machines Pty Ltd) back in the early 1990s.


The weighbridges have served these transfer stations well but as technology has improved over the years, and older weighing equipment becomes obsolete or too expensive to replace, it had become necessary to update the heavy-capacity compression load cells with modern counterparts. This work has already been completed by AccuWeigh.

AccuWeigh’s recent work was to replace the digital weight indicators with a modern and reliable AccuWeigh IT6000E programmable weighing terminal. The IT6000E was selected because it was able to be programmed with an output communication string that replicated the previous weight indicator’s output string. This allowed the customer to use its existing network equipment and software, keeping their costs and inconvenience low during the upgrade.

The weighbridge remote displays, which are mounted externally to the office and are provided as a courtesy to vehicle drivers, were also updated with modern Aurora 45SS displays, which are a 114mm high digit, high visibility remote display mounted in a stainless steel enclosure.

Eventually, other Brisbane waste transfer stations, including those at Nudgee, Rochedale and Ferny Grove, will be upgraded similarly. AccuWeigh has been a trusted equipment and service provider for the transfer stations since their inception and, in fact, has equipped many waste transfer stations around Australia with reliable and effective weighbridges and weighing equipment.

AccuWeigh is also a technology leader ensuring that it is able to provide the waste industry with the latest and greatest weighing solutions for its needs. Especially as the waste industry is a growing industry that needs to work smarter to conserve resources for the future.