Don’t Risk A Fine – Ensure Your Trucks Aren’t Overloaded By Installing An Onboard Weighing System

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Don’t Risk A Fine – Ensure Your Trucks Aren’t Overloaded By Installing An Onboard Weighing System

2019-06-13T16:15:05+10:30 17th May 2017|

When loading trucks, vans, trailers or any other bulk transport vehicles, it’s vital that the correct loading limits are adhered to if you are to avoid costly penalties.

Fines are not only expensive, they also have a negative impact on productivity and business efficiency. Moreover, when an organisation consistently breaches legal limits, it can also result in reputational damage – the implications of which can be disastrous.

These days, thanks to the advanced technology and clever engineering of onboard vehicle weighing systems, calculating whether a vehicle is loaded correctly is simple, easy and inexpensive.

Onboard vehicle weighing systems can be fitted to a wide variety of different types of vehicles to weigh products. The systems are also able to identify the vehicle’s axle loadings as well as the gross vehicle mass – which can be enormously beneficial in ensuring that the vehicle’s load is within legal limits and that the vehicle has been loaded optimally and evenly which is important from a longevity and safety perspective.

Fines for overloading a vehicle are significant, and subsequent to the introduction of the Chain of Responsibility Legislation, anyone and everyone who is associated in any way with the operation of an overloaded vehicle can be penalised. In other words, infringements for overloading aren’t restricted to the owner of the overloaded vehicle – the owner of the site where the vehicle was loaded, the driver or even the person receiving the goods may be fined. An onboard vehicle weighing system simplifies the whole vehicle loading process, takes the guesswork out and prevents everyone down the chain of responsibility from being penalised with costly fines.

Infringements are not only costly, they may even result in implications for your drivers’ licence – and given that onboard weighing systems don’t have to be expensive or complicated, it makes so much sense to spend a little in order to save a lot.

What’s more, the technology is simple to install on both new and existing vehicles, it’s reliable and easy to operate, plus there are different systems for different types and sizes of vehicles. For example, the TruckWeigh payload monitoring system from AccuOnboard is specifically designed for most spring suspension vehicles and trailers whilst the VanWeigh overload suspension warning system is specifically engineered for light commercial vehicles up to 3t capacity. Information on load weights and distribution is viewed in real-time and enables peace-of-mind that fines and penalties will be avoided and that the vehicle is operating legally, safely and responsibly.

If you’re a commercial vehicle operator or simply want assurance that your truck or van complies with legal limits, contact us to chat to one of our fully trained and experienced staff about a cost-effective solution that can meet your unique needs.