What’s in a name? A CubiScan is a CubiScan is a CubiScan. That’s right, whether you call it a cub-i-tron or a cub-i-na-tor, or a cub-a-scanner or a pallet-cubic-calculator chances are, when you search on Google for a cubing & weighing solution for your DC or cross-dock, what you are really after is a CubiScan.

But if you are a supply chain manager and you haven’t heard of CubiScan don’t blame yourself, blame me. It’s my job to make sure you have heard of the CubiScan – or anything else that sounds like it.

So, in this post I am going to shamelessly list every conceivable alternative word, keyword, search term, or description that has ever been used in order to capture any future enquiry from a researcher who has (can you believe it?) never heard of CubiScan.

CubiScan blog Post by SCACO

“It’s a…a…Cuba-dimensional-weigh-scanner…gizmo…?”

No, mate, it’s a CubiScan. I mean c’mon! The world-famous CubiScans are the best-known dimensioning automation solutions on the planet! If you work in the supply chain and have ever said the word “metric” or “cube” out loud and you have not heard of the CubiScan then you should stomp on your own steel-capped toe.

Made by Quantronix in Farmington Utah, USA, for over twenty years the CubiScans have been the dimensioning solutions of choice trusted day in and day out by the world’s leading brands.

If you go to Google and type in “CubiScan” here in Australia, you would be led to a Google AdWord at the top of the page that takes you to diverseco.com.au . Here, in a virtual paradise for all things cubing and weighing – our website, you would no doubt find the right solution to your measurement automation or dimensional weight challenge. Problem solved.

And, if you are not sure which CubiScan model is right for you, go here.

Or, if you are not sure if your DC should start dimensioning SKUs, go here.

Now, I am supposed to be an expert on this subject and I use as many or even more varied terms as the next guy. So, in this post I am going to chuck in the towel and use every possible related keyword I can think of in the hope of helping my keyword optimisation cause.


Worker operating the CubiScan 100

Me have CubiScan – me so happy!

At the same time, I hope that this attempted short cut also helps you the researcher and out-foxes our mates at you-know-where (initials, Google). So, here goes.

In Australia, a common industry term in freight is: “Check Weigh Cube”. The people at www.tollgroup.com would tell you that they themselves invented the very concept. What this means is:

  • Check: Identify the item to be measured, usually by scanning its unique barcode.
  • Weigh: Weigh the item.
  • Cube: Measure the cubic volume of a cuboidal shape; or, determine the smallest cuboidal shape an irregular shaped item would fit into.

Overseas, but increasingly in Australia too, “Dimension Weigh Scan” is used interchangeably with “Check Weigh Cube”:

  • Dimension: Measure the cubic or dimensional volume of a cuboidal shape; or, determine the smallest cuboidal shape an irregular shaped item would fit into.
  • Weigh: Weigh the item.
  • Scan: Identify the item to be measured, usually by scanning its unique barcode.

But why stop there? There’s so much more!

Below, are some real descriptions from real people submitted over the years in our scaco.com.au contact form page. These make for interesting reading. I have changed or deleted proper names to protect the innocent, as it were.

“I am after a cubing and weighing system. It will be used in a cargo company. We need to get the weight, and dimension of the box and other cargo. It will be put in a conveyor.”


Blog Post SCACO CubiScan

It’s all about ze cube, don’t you see…?

“I am interested in purchasing a cubicscanner machine on behalf of the company I work for. I am interested in a setup that will allow an operator to measure a product, its inner pack and shipper and have this information uploaded into our warehouse management software.”

“We are toy import/wholesale company looking to improve our packing area efficiency. We have been looking at the Cubiscan range and we are looking for some price quotes. Also wondering if the range includes ones that work with conveyer systems and how much they are?”

“I’m interested in your parcel measurement solutions, particularly CubiScan 100 and 125. My company is doing LTL shipment in Indonesia.”

“Hi Guys, please email me indicative pricing for the CubiScan range esp. the 150. We are looking to deploy underticketing revenue regathering hardware here in XYZ.”

“Sir/ Madam, for our packing / dispatch line, we need online weighing/ size measuring machine. pl. send us the offer with complete tech. spefns., live video of working with delivery period.”

“I have an application where we are looking for dimensional cubing and weighing systems – potentially looking to partner to provide a hardware/software solution with our load planning and warehouse management software systems.”

“I’m from a 3rd party logistics company and I’m looking for the solution of pallet dimensioning system that automates the collection of dimensions, weight and identification of palletized goods.”

“We have been reviewing your website and are interested in receiving information on the pallet cubic calculator.”

“Hi, I am looking for some product information on cubiscanners (weight and dims) for cosmetic products – both individual units and outer cases.”

“Hello….I would like to make an inquiry regarding you parcel cubing machines. We do a lot of air freight and also carton road freight and one of our biggest down times is the freight cubing and weighing process.”

“Looking for an inline cubing solution for about 2000 cartons per day.”

“I need to weigh and measure my warehouse cartons and SKUs”

“We have a need to obtain and audit our inner and outer product dimensions. We require an idea of tools available and likely pricing.”

“We are currently getting quotes for purchasing or leasing a dimensional scanning system. We have about 9000 lines we would like to weigh and measure.”

“I would like to get details on cubing in motion equipment that you have.“

“Is your company making weights/scales which can also scan the dimension of a certain product?”


Cubing Weighing Dimensioning Blog Post Image by SCACO

It’s a…a…Cubitronic Weigh Scanner…thingy…?

Did any of those descriptions sound familiar to you? Okay, how about the following short keywords that are used by researchers, as well:

box dimension scanner

cuba scan


cubi measure

cubic measurer



cubic scanner

cubic scan machine

cubing and weighing system

cubing equipment

cubing machines

cubing software

cubing system

cube master

cubing and dimensioning

cubing weighing system


cubiscan 100

cubiscan 100 calibration

cubiscan 100 manual

cubiscan 100 price

cubiscan 125

cubiscan 150

cubiscan 200

cubiscan 25

cubiscan 75

cubiscan australia

cubiscan benefits

cubiscan hire

cubiscan rental

cubiscan scale


check weigh cuber

check weigh cubic scanner

data weight system

dim weigher

dimension weigh scanner

dimensional weighing scale

dimensional scale

dimensional scanner

dimensional weigher

dimensional weight shipping

dimensioning and weighing system

dimensioning software

dimensioning system


dim weight

dim weight calculator

dynamic dimensioner

dynamic weighing and cubing

in motion cubing

in motion cubic scale

in motion dimensioner

pallet check weigh cube scanner

pallet cubic calculator

pallet cubic scanner

pallet dimensional weigher

pallet dimensioner

pallet scanner

volumetric scanner

volumetric weigh scanner

CubiScan Blog Post image by SCACO

Crikey! Stop already! Can we just go with CubiScan, please.

Wow! If you made it this far, bravo! You win a free CubiScan! Not really – but still, thanks for sticking it out this far! Clearly this means that you do not need to stomp your own toe and that is great news. Happy Cubing. Oh, and take that Google.


Rhett Talley, Marketing Manager at SCACO