Counting Scale Combination Hired by International Car Manufacturer

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Counting Scale Combination Hired by International Car Manufacturer

2019-06-13T16:15:18+09:30 9th February 2015|

A counting scale with a remote 3 tonne capacity pallet scale was hired to a car manufacturer in Melbourne for stocktake counting. The A&D Weighing counting scale, with a maximum capacity of 20kg, was a model that allowed a second weighing platform can be of any size and maximum capacity, but in this hire instance was the pallet scale.


The advantage of using to two weighing platforms with a single counting scale is that a large weighing range can be covered by the one scale, perfect for stocktaking a large variety of parts and items.

Although the graduation of the counting scale itself was 2g and the graduation of the pallet scale was 1kg, counting scales use an incredibly high internal resolution to ensure counting is fast and accurate. Counting scales therefore save a lot of labour costs during stocktaking and pay for themselves in a short space of time. Counting scales are easy to operate and very reliable.

Many pallet scales on the market have counting functionality but not all of them are specifically designed for counting. Purpose-specific counting scales typically have a very high internal resolution which makes them well suited to counting. A company like AccuWeigh is able to provide experienced advice on which scales are better for counting and stocktaking.

Hiring equipment is also an excellent way to evaluate whether counting scales are a good match for your business. AccuWeigh has an extensive range of equipment for hire. Contact your nearest branch to enquire further.