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Convert Any Silo or Bin to a Weighing System

2019-06-13T16:15:20+10:30 24th October 2014|

AccuWeigh’s load cell constrainer kits are ideal for converting any existing silo, bin or custom structure in to a weighing system. Each load cell constrainer kit uses a high-capacity canister load cell (those commonly used in weighbridges) and includes an integrated restraints system to prevent sideways movement.

Retrofitting existing structures is straightforward and AccuWeigh can provide custom interface mounting plates to suit your existing structures. Using load cell constrainer kits during new installations is even easier.

AccuWeigh makes available a large range of digital weight indicators which connect to the load cells and range from basic weight display and limited batching capabilities, all the way up to fully programmable controllers which can automate much of the filling and discharging cycles and integrate with third-party equipment on site, including networks.

AccuWeigh is a major Australian weighbridge supplier and we also have an extensive range of industrial weighing components and systems.