Community-Minded Sydney Recycler Utilises a Wheel Wash for Its Vehicles

>Community-Minded Sydney Recycler Utilises a Wheel Wash for Its Vehicles

Community-Minded Sydney Recycler Utilises a Wheel Wash for Its Vehicles

2019-06-13T16:15:01+09:30 21st February 2018|

AccuWeigh recently commissioned an automated Bridge 400W wheel wash system for a Sydney-based construction material recycling centre. The recycling centre ordered the wheel wash system primarily to prevent track-out, that is, the unintentional movement of mud and debris from their premises on to surrounding public roads.

The elimination of track-out was an important consideration for this community-minded recycler, but the wheel wash also helps the recycling centre meet its EPA obligations as well.

The wheel wash is fully-automated and so is able to detect the presence of a vehicle to start and finish a washing cycle. Mud trapped within tyre treads is removed by distorting the tyre as it travels over a rumble grid, which is an integral part of the wheel washer, and the application of 130 high-pressure waters jets (each with 3.0 kg/cm2 of pressure) from beneath the vehicle. 35 water jets from each side also contribute to washing the vehicle’s underbody.

The Bridge 400W is a slightly wider version of the standard wheel washer, allowing vehicles that are up to four metres wide to use it. The twin submersible 15 kW pumps, stainless steel pump screen and air compressor, and the 6000 L sump tank and scraper conveyor make this an extremely powerful and capable automated wheel wash system.

The four metre long wash bay ensures that the tyre fully rotates at least once during the wash cycle and the scraper conveyor removes sludge allowing the water to be used for longer before replacement or top-up. A stainless steel pump screen and compressor reduce nozzle blockages and minimises particle sizes in the water.