Checkweighing Bales of Hay to Optimise Container Loads

>Checkweighing Bales of Hay to Optimise Container Loads

Checkweighing Bales of Hay to Optimise Container Loads

2019-06-13T16:15:14+09:30 14th December 2015|

Accuweigh’s Port Adelaide branch has recently completed supply and commissioning of equipment to deliver a trade approved checkweigher system on a short conveyor. Our customer, a large Hay production facility, was updating their shipping container loading system and needed the checkweigher to track how many bales were being loaded and checking their weight to ensure they could maximise the loads going into the containers.


The customer had made their own check weigh conveyor to fit on top of our trade approved A500 heavy duty pallet scale. Using our Systec IT6000E with the on board “Check” software, we were able to deliver the outcomes the customer required which included data collection and reporting facilities.

Checkweighing is important to all types of companies to manage and control product while on site. Whether it be unusual products like bales of hay, or standard packaged items, AccuWeigh specialises in checkweighing equipment to meet the demands of our customers.

To learn more about our checkweighing range, visit our checkweighers page. And don’t forget, we hire checkweighers too.