Fresh Food Manufacturer Uses Waterproof Scales for Ingredient Portioning

2019-06-13T16:15:01+09:30 14th December 2017|

Five waterproof, trade-approved bench scales have been recently supplied to Nutrifresh, a leading fresh food manufacturer based in Brisbane. The fresh food manufacturer supplies prepared meals for aged care, Meals on Wheels, hospitals, motels and restaurants and uses the scales to ensure the correct portioning of ingredients. Waterproof weighing systems are popular in the food industry as they can easily be washed down, which is an important feature where food hygiene is critical to company repu… Read More

AccuWeigh’s Pallet Scale Handle the Chill at -5°C

2019-06-13T16:15:06+09:30 10th February 2017|

When a major Australian grocer recently moved into their new South Australian facility, it was also necessary for them to purchase accurate scales for their cold room. With temperatures down to -5°C, the scales needed to be robust and capable of reliable operation in this environment. Enter AccuWeigh’s Port Adelaide team who were engaged by the national grocer to supply our Australian-made, heavy-duty, galvanised A500 pallet scale with the AccuWeigh IT1000 digital weight indicator to perform… Read More