Burson Auto Parts is Australia’s trade specialist supplier of automotive aftermarket parts, accessories and workshop equipment. Boasting a highly successful 50 year history, Burson employs over 1,800 team members, and operates an extensive network of over 200 stores and 800 delivery vehicles. Recently, Burson has become the first Australian auto parts company to successfully expand into Asia.

According to Mark Gibson (Senior Project Manager – Operations, Burson Auto Parts), “Our emphasis is on continued store and product range expansion, together with a particular focus on delivering first-class service to our ever-growing trade customer base. We operate in a competitive environment, and continued success is based on our superior customer service, innovation and an extensive product range.”

It was Burson’s focus on innovation that prompted the company to invest in three CubiScan 325s. Two of these machines have been installed in Burson’s state-of-the-art 50,000m2 distribution centre in Tullamarine, Melbourne. The other unit was installed at Burson’s 8,000m2 facility in Willawong, Brisbane.

cubiscan 325 cubing guitar

The Measure-Almost-Anything Solution

The CubiScan 325 is the universal measure-almost-anything solution. A static cubing system, it employs sophisticated, next-generation sensing and infrared technology to measure and weigh irregular-shaped parts, components and boxed items—including the irregularly-shaped car parts stocked by Burson.

As Gibson explains, there were a couple of business triggers that led to Burson’s investment in a CubiScan. “Firstly, the dimensional accuracy and records we had for our products weren’t all that robust. We needed a way to improve this data. One would normally expect suppliers to provide details around their products, but a number of our suppliers didn’t have readily available, sophisticated data on product weight or size. So, Burson needed a way to gather this data accurately, reliable and in a timely manner,” said Gibson.

“Importantly, we wanted technology that was easy-to-use, and made capturing all this data simple. We have over 150,000 SKUs across our range of products—that’s a lot of data.”

“We haven’t been disappointed. From the time the CubiScan unit was installed, everything has been straightforward. You literally put the object in, place the head over the object, check that the dimensions have been captured, and confirm. It’s a piece of cake—a really simple piece of gear to use. It’s all been quite easy and seamless,” said Gibson.

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