Calibration Visit to NSW Macadamia Farm

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Calibration Visit to NSW Macadamia Farm

2019-06-13T16:15:01+09:30 2nd March 2018|

One of the many important services that AccuWeigh offers is calibration of weighing systems, both big and small. Calibration is the process of determining the relationship (that is, the error) between the weight reading and the weight on the weigh receptor.

Organisations can only operate with confidence when they are certain that they can rely on the accuracy of the readings supplied by their weighing systems at all times, and regular calibration services provided by AccuWeigh provides them this assurance.

AccuWeigh recently calibrated and adjusted compact, load cell-based balances for a northern NSW macadamia farm. While the balances are small, their importance to the farm cannot be underestimated being that the balances play an instrumental role in the farm’s quality management system.

AccuWeigh’s traceability standards are first class with our test weights having direct traceability to the state’s secondary standards and our service personnel have recognised competency to calibration activities. Our calibration reporting is clear and concise.

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