Buy v Hire – which should you choose when it comes to a new weighbridge?

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Buy v Hire – which should you choose when it comes to a new weighbridge?

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Weighbridges are used in diverse range of locations and for a variety of reasons – and the decision whether to hire or buy the equipment isn’t always cut and dried.

If you’re considering installing a weighbridge and are unsure of whether hiring or buying will be your best option, you may find the following article a useful guide in arriving at a decision.

Let’s look at some of the reasons when hiring a weighbridge is the best option, and then we’ll look at some instances where buying could be the most cost-effective solution.

Situations where weighbridge hire is recommended

  • At temporary sites where a permanent installation wouldn’t be viable
  • At mobile sites where the weighbridge needs to be quickly and easily transported to different locations
  • At sites where foundation work would be difficult and/or too expensive
  • Where the weighbridge is only required for a short or fixed period of time
  • Where a company has insufficient capital to fund a full installation or when it’s preferable to have an expense on the balance sheet rather than an asset
  • For short to medium-term projects which may only be feasible and/or profitable if a weighbridge is hired

Situations where it can be preferable to buy a weighbridge

  • Permanent locations where longevity of the installation is ensured
  • High traffic locations where the weighbridge needs to be dependable and really robust
  • Locations where the weighbridge needs to operate reliably and accurately, time and time again, in very tough industrial or rugged outdoor environments.

It should be noted however, that hire weighbridges are just as reliable and high quality as those which are installed on a permanent basis – and it’s simply the individual circumstances and needs of the organisation that will determine whether the weighbridge is hired or purchased.

In fact, hire weighbridges are a very attractive option for many organisations as they offer a cost-effective, flexible, versatile and practical solution to many different circumstances – and there’s no compromise on accuracy, performance or quality.  Portable weighbridges can be hired for installation on existing hard-core, concrete or tarmac surfaces without any requirement for costly excavations or additional groundwork – plus their rugged construction and simple operation make them ideal for use in many different situations.

Another factor to consider about hiring weighbridges is that there is generally an option to purchase the equipment down the line.  Many businesses want to keep working capital and hire the weighbridge for an initial period and then convert the rental into a purchase at a later stage.

There may be many questions to answer when deciding on whether to hire or buy a weighbridge, but there is one non-negotiable factor in the equation and that is that you should always deal with a reputable supplier with a proven track record of performance, service and quality.

One such supplier is Diverseco, Australia’s largest supplier of weighing equipment.  We have portable steel deck weighbridges available for sale and for long and short-term hire, all of which are fully galvanised steel for superior corrosion-resistance.  The modular design of our hire weighbridges enables fast and efficient set-up, disassembly and transportation – plus additional sections can be added on to the weighbridge deck to extend the length if required.

For more information on the hire or purchase of weighbridges anywhere in Australasia, please contact us.