The mining industry is becoming increasingly challenging from an operational, productivity and profitability perspective as well as in light of the heightened focus on safety and environmental considerations.

One of the ways that mine operators can boost their productivity is to install an efficient intermediate bulk container solution for filling bulker bags.  These have been successfully used around the world at mine sites where precious metals such as gold ore, platinum, zircon, phosphate and bentonite are processed and have proved their worth time and again.  Bulker bagging machines are also widely used at other sites such as mineral sand suppliers.

In fact, many mine operators opt for fully automated packaging and palletising systems which can be custom-designed to suit individual bulk packaging requirements and which can ultimately improve processes, help the mine meet regulations and boost productivity.

But investing in a bulk container solution comes with a caveat.   It’s easy to fall into the trap of assuming that because equipment is ‘imported’, it must be good.  While the equipment itself may be of high quality, the important factor is that it is expertly combined to create an efficient and accurate system.

Some suppliers claim that they offer complete turnkey packaging lines, but their designs are often simply a hybrid collection of various equipment items which don’t always integrate very well.  When choosing a supplier, it’s important to find out if they do actually design a system from the ground up that is suitable for your specific needs and which will operate seamlessly, accurately and reliably when installed.

Safety is another key consideration when designing bulk container solutions and it’s imperative that mine personnel are protected from any moving equipment.  Strong after sales service and support is also crucial.

If you think your operation could benefit from bulk container solutions or a fully automated palletising solution, talk to the experts at AccuPak.  We are a market leader in packaging, bagging, filling, and palletising equipment in Australia and have a wealth of experience in designing and installing complete turnkey solutions.  Many satisfied customers attest to their excellent products and technical expertise as well as their focus on supplying value-driven solutions.

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