Boxing Competitors Weighed Prior to Fair Bouts

>Boxing Competitors Weighed Prior to Fair Bouts

Boxing Competitors Weighed Prior to Fair Bouts

2019-06-13T16:15:18+09:30 23rd January 2015|

Fighting for Fitness, a gym located in Albion, an inner city suburb of Brisbane, recently purchased a set of robust Excell FRWH Series platform scales for weighing boxing competitors prior to beginning their fight. It is important that competitors are weighed before their bouts to ensure they compete in their divisions fairly.


As the platform scale has a maximum capacity of 150 kilograms, has a large 420mm by 520mm weighing area for competitors to stand on while being weighed, and has a display mounted on a column, the scale is very effective at weighing competitors and simple to operate for the gym.

The Excell FRWH-150 is an economical general-purpose platform scale that can be used in a variety of weighing applications. Its no-frills simplicity will appeal to many types of end-users.

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